Our Process

We’re focused on creating high-quality portfolios that help customers build long-term wealth.

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Investment Approach

Over the next decade, we believe that investing in innovation areas like financial technology, blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the continued digitization of the economy will lead to superior investment returns when coupled with robust investment and risk management processes.

We have a three-tiered process to optimize our strategies for long-term gains.

1. Own leading businesses

We employ the highest standards and rigor in choosing stocks for our investment strategies. We focus on fundamentals to find companies that are high-quality and built for future returns.

Our deep analysis ensures we only invest in companies with:

  • Strong leadership: business franchises that are led by exceptional teams.
  • A clear advantage: competitive advantages that yield pricing power in the market.
  • Strong financials: strong unit economics, reasonable valuations, and the potential for long-term results.

2. Invest in Leading Blockchain Technologies

We have a high conviction that blockchain technology will transform the basic fabric of our financial system. A carefully curated basket of cryptocurrencies is a great way to get exposure to this area of development. We choose to invest in protocols and applications based on:

  • Total addressable market: The protocol or application serves an important purpose and has the potential to facilitate substantial economic activity.
  • Product market fit: There is material adoption or signs that robust adoption is possible.
  • Defensible market share: The protocol or application has comparative advantages vs. competitors or a replica.
  • Developer community: There is a strong developer community that is committed to the growth of the protocol or application. We believe that the long-term success of a project is highly dependent on retaining top developer talent.
  • Token value accrual mechanism: The token accrues value proportional to the economic activity the protocol or application facilitates.

3. Adapt to the Market

Our investment team is constantly monitoring performance, risk, and future opportunities in the market.

  • Actively managed: We actively manage our investment strategies to ensure we’re optimally positioned across asset classes and individual holdings.
  • Auto-rebalanced: We periodically auto-rebalance portfolios to ensure the appropriate allocation across asset classes.

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