Available Rates and Terms

We strive to provide transparent fees and rates to our customers

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Investment Strategies

  • Annual Management Fee:1%
  • Performance Fee:None
  • Minimum Investment:$100-500
  • Lock-up:None
  • SIPC Insurance1:up to $500k on securities

1) Securities trading is provided to Domain Money customers by Apex Clearing, an SEC registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC. Crypto trading is provided to Domain Money customers by Gemini Trust Company, LLC. Digital assets are not subject to FDIC insurance or SIPC protections.

Transaction Fees

We do not charge trading fees for securities transactions. For crypto trades, we charge a small transaction fee. When you withdraw crypto, there is a network fee associated with each asset. This fee is not paid to Domain Money.

  • Transaction fee (crypto trades)1.49%
  • Network Fees (crypto withdraw)Dependent on coin

Domain Borrow (coming soon)

Customers can borrow against their portfolio and use up to 40% of their portfolio as collateral. All without origination or late fees on loans.

  • Rate:7% APR
  • Loan-to-Value threshold:40% eligible portfolio balance
  • Margin call threshold:60% Loan-to-Value
  • Origination fee:None

All loans originated by WebBank

Domain Earn (coming soon)

Never choose between earning or investing, again. When you hold supported crypto on our platform, we enroll your assets so you can start earning rewards automatically.