Q1 2022 Client Letter

Q1 Client Letter
Domain Money Advisors

Executive Summary

Domain Money officially launched the Domain Money application in the iOS App Store along with our investment strategies managed by Domain Money Advisors on 1/25/22. We are grateful to have earned the privilege or consideration to manage your money in one of our strategies. 

Since our public launch on January 25th, macroeconomic conditions dominated headlines and drove much of the price action in stocks and crypto.  Over the quarter, we believe the primary macroeconomic themes influencing asset prices were: 1) elevated inflation 2) the expected path of monetary policy and 3) the war between Russia and Ukraine. Despite volatility, the S&P 500 rose 4.3% from January 25th through March 31st.

While the crypto market followed the equity market closely over the quarter, exhibiting a “V” shape price pattern, there were some notable developments specific to the crypto markets that drove prices net higher. Overall, from January 25th through the end of the quarter, Bitcoin rose 23.6% while Ethereum gained 33.8% reflecting investor optimism driven by continued development and adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

You can view the complete market commentary and detailed performance of our strategies for the period January 25th through March 31st at the below link.

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* As of the time of this writing, Domain Money Advisors, LLC clients are invested in: BTC, ETH